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Upcycled Stools
The upcycled and sustainable collection of textile stools and poufs is made converting old and discarded silk Sarees –bright and vivid draped garment worn by Indian women all across India, into sculptural seatingoptions such as poufs, ottomans, stools, benches, chairs and various accessories, pairing it with locally found Indian varieties of wood.

The Royal Indian Turban –Pagristool series is inspired from the draping techniques of the Indian turban worn by menin several styles, specific to the wearer’s region or religion, and they vary in shape, size and color. The Pagriis a symbol of honor and respect.

The Saree pom pom stool and pouf series is yet another whimsical textural take inspired from the various traditional garments and accessories worn across many regions of India, manipulating different indigenous texture techniques. The result is a vibrant 3D tactile series that livens up any indoor space.

The Bindi Dot stool and poufseries is inspired from colorful Bindisthat Indian women adorn on their foreheads. Bindiis a facial adornmentplaced between the eyebrows -the sixth Chakra, the seat of concealed wisdom. The resultant polka dot pattern is a vibrant graphical representation using tactile textures created from discarded silk sarees on to linen.

The upcycled saree series are unique series of products that have been meticulously handcrafted. Hence, no two pieces will be alike. All wooden stools and benches are on screws and can be flat packed.All poufs come with a zipperclosure for easier maintenance.

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