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Samsara Cosmic Series
The Samsara Cosmic series is a collection of experimental sculptural interior pieces. The pieces have been crafted out of a mix of sustainable materials such as Cork, Rubber and Brass.
The collection is an exploration of manipulating industrial materials and applying handcrafted methods such as hand lathing, traditionally reserved for wood. The resultant objects echoes the bold geometry of the cosmic bodies and Memphis movement, whilst recontextualizing the materials and rendering the reoccurring circular bands of rings and interpreting them as birth, life, death and life after death.

The collection highlights the seamless transition of industrial materials in to striking architectural forms expressed through a combination of materials, color and form, challenging the traditional role of the industrial materials. Each item displays a distinctly unique character, which is testament to the process, building on its inspiration and the inherent quality for hi-performance components.

Each piece in this visually striking collection ranges from 20 cm to 50 cm in height and is hand crafted by local skilled artisans.
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